ROI of Third Party Inspections & Audits

Routine workplace inspections and audits are essential in preventing incidents, injuries and illnesses and play an integral role for continuously improving Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) performance.

Inspections are tools used to supplement and enforce HSE policies, procedures, and training by gathering information on workplace hazards, workers, equipment, and processes. Inspections should be conducted at an acceptable frequency based upon the level of risk.

Audits are systematic processes for objectively collecting information and evaluating the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of hazard identification, controls, procedures, and training. Audits can focus on a single program element or a management system and are typically driven by regulatory compliance, industry standards, or company performance objectives.

Common reasons for conducting inspections and audits include:

  • Validating compliance with audit objectives
  • Identifying gaps or deficiencies in existing programs
  • Assessing effectiveness of policies, procedures, controls, training
  • Determining adequacy of committed resources
  • Gauging management commitment and employee participation
  • Evaluating continuous improvement and performance

Effective inspections and audits can contribute to reductions in injury claims, worker compensation costs, medical expenses, equipment damage, legal fees, fines; while assisting with increasing productivity, efficiency, performance, and profits.

Inspections and audits are often conducted internally, however, there are 4 major benefits that provide a significant return on investment (ROI) when acquiring KSV Group’s third-party services :

1 . Expertise & Experience
Our inspectors and auditors are industry experts that maintain certifications such as CSP, CIH, and CHMM to ensure a level of integrity and expertise is brought to every project. We are experienced in challenging environments across a range of industries that lends an opportunity to benchmark with industry best practices and provide insight to proven HSE implementation strategies.

2 . Objectivity & Validation
We provide an independent analysis with a neutral approach that focuses on challenging the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of a company’s HSE processes. This empowers clients by gaining insight to their deficiencies or validating compliance with their objectives, providing the assurance and confidence to make informed decisions.

3 . Result Accuracy
Our performance-based approach and objective positioning provide an accurate and precise assessment of the risks and liabilities associated with existing policies, procedures, programs, training, and management system.

4 . Reduce Impact on Business
Internal inspections and audits have a significant impact on resources decreasing productivity and efficiency, which in turn can affect the accuracy and quality of the results. We provide an efficient and effective process that minimizes the impact on client operations.

Most Requested Inspection & Audit Services

  • OSHA, EPA, MSHA compliance
  • HSE Management System (OSHA VPP, ISO 14001,45001)
  • PSM / RMP of Highly Hazardous Chemicals
  • Job-site inspections (manufacturing, construction, healthcare)
  • Confined Spaces
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Fall Protection / Walking Working Surfaces
  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash

Contact us today to inquire more about our third party inspecting and auditing services and how we can assist improve your HSE performance.

By inserting us into your operations, you have the assurance and confidence, to implement a compliant, but more importantly, an effective and continuously improving HSE management system!

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